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Polish Presidential Plane Crash In Russia - Retired CIA Officers Speaks Out!

Latest News: Retired Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Officer Eugene Poteat Speaks Out About the Crash of Polish TU-154 Plane Carrying President Kaczynski Near Smolensk, Russia: "Russian Image Management - The KGB’s latest intelligence coup, and NATO’s latest intelligence disaster"

More About Polish President's Plane Crash Here ...

Above: Capt. Stefan Michnik, born 28 September, 1929) (real name Stefan Szechter), Communist, Stalinist Judge and Secret Collaborator (TW - Tajny Wspolpracownik) of Polish Communist Military Intelligence services, presently residing in Storvreta, 10 kilometers from Uppsali, Sweden. Michnik emigrated from Poland in 1968 having claimed to be a "victim" of "Polish Anti-Semitism". Michnik's application for an entry visa to the United States was rejected in 1968 by the US Government. In October 2010 a European Arrest Warrant (EAW) for Michnik was issued by the Military Garrison Court in Warsaw.

Marcin Dancyg, Lt. Col., Communist-Salinist Judge.

Above: Lt. Colonel Marcin Dancyg, b. June 30, 1907 in Warsaw. In 1932 graduated from the Faculty of Law at the Warsaw University. Until 1939 worked at the Appellate Court. After Soviets invasion, worked as an assistant principal in a Russian school. In August, 1944, volunteered for service with the communist Polish People's Army where with the rank of 2nd Lt. he became a judge attached to the 7th Infantry Division of LWP (pl. Ludowe Wojsko Polskie - Polish People's Army). From June 1945 works at the Supreme Military Curt. Discharged from military service in 1950 with a rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Employed at the Main Foreign Trade Office. Emigrated to Israel in 1957. See Kokolewnica Forest Massacre


Another execution site was found by Prof. Szwagrzyk’s team: Human remains discovered at former headquarters of the communist security police in Płock

Former headquarters of the PUBP (Polish Communist County Office for Public Security) in Płock is yet another site under the inspection of the IPN’s (Polish National Institute of Remembrance) historians and archaeologists’ team, led by prof. Krzysztof Szwagrzyk.

It took just a day for the experts to discover human remains buried in a shallow grave within close proximity to the secret police office building.

  Remains of victims of communist terror found in Poland.Remains of the victims of communist terror found in Poland.

“The remains have been found disarranged, which suggests that the dead bodies were buried elsewhere and then transferred to this site at a later date,” says prof. Krzysztof Szwagrzyk. Other items such as fragments of shoes, spoons, etc., were also found. “All residents of Płock and neighboring areas know occupied the building during that time, as well as is ghastly history. After the war, the dreaded Polish UB (Security Office) took the building over from the German Gestapo. It is well known that people were murdered here during 1940s and 1950s, and that their bodies were never found. Some have speculated hat the bodies could have been buried in the area of the inner courtyard,” says Szwagrzyk.

Back in 1953, a detention centre was built just behind the PUBP office, and garages were added to the site in 1960s. The residents of Płock informed the historians that human remains were discovered when foundations for the garages were dug, only to disappear again. It is likely that the discovery of the prof. Szwagrzyk’s team is the very location to which those remains were moved.

The team will conclude its work shortly.

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