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Augustów Roundup In Polish Press

Russia Refuses Assistance in the investigation of the Augustow Roundup

Source: / News / PAP (Polish Press Agency)
Date: July 14, 2006

The IPN [The Institute of National Remembrance] will not receive assistance from Russia in its investigation of the “Augustow Roundup”.         

Because of the statute of limitation [under the Russian law],  the Russian side refused to assist Bialystok’s office of the Institute of National Remembrance in its investigation of the so-called “Augustow Roundup” during which 600 individuals had disappeared - informed Bialystok’s IPN Regional Office. 

The IPN had on many occasions emphasized that in order to make any headway in its investigation of the Roundup it depends on Russian assistance.  Prosecutor Dariusz Olszewski, head of the IPN’s Regional Commission for the Investigation of Crimes against the Polish Nation in Bialystok said that [Russian] refusal signals that the chances of moving forward with its investigation] “had considerably diminished".

The IPN seeks to investigate the unsolved disappearance and death of 600 members of the Polish democratic resistance in 1945 in the Suwalki area.

It is unknown to this day where these people were buried.  Today marks the 61st anniversary of these events.


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Augustow Roundup In Polish Press

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