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Help us connect the dots. Information Needed!

Please contact us if you have any information about the individuals below.

Information about NSZ soldier Irena Illakowicz assasinated in 1943 needed!

I am a British journalist writing the biography of a Polish resistance fighter who served as part of the NSZ [pol. abr. Narodowe Sily Zbrojne - National Armed Forces] during WWII. Her name is Irena Illakowicz and she was the wife of Jerzy Illakowicz. Irena Illakowicz was assassinated in 1943 and the man who pulled the trigger was most probably a communist agent. Any documented information you may be able to give relating to the wartime activities of this woman would be most gratefully received. Ed W.

A brief biographical sketch about 2nd Lt. Irena Illakowicz can be found on Wiki.

Irena Illakowicz, Narodowe Sily Zbrojne - Assasinated in 1943 Irena Illakowicz, Narodowe Sily Zbrojne - Assasinated in 1943

Can you give me further information on a soldier who was at Balinka and reported missing. His name was Antoni Siedlecki. I think Antoni was my uncle his brother Jan was my father. Antoni`s parents were Jan and Anna and they lived at 11 Listopada, No 45 Street Siemiatycze. I think he was taken into force labour by the Germans on 01 03 1942 released on 01 10 1944. He was at the Willkischken camp in Lithuania. Antoni had another brother called Jozef. Is this the one and same person? John W.

I discovered your site while trying to find information about my father. His name was Walter Duda and as I understand it, he was involved with the Polish resistance in WW II. Is it possible that you have any information that you can share with me about him. I have some pictures of my father in uniform which I could provide to you for verification purposes. I am 58 years old and my father passed away in 1991. He rarely shared information about the war or exactly what his role was throughout the war. I suspect that it was difficult for him to talk about so I never really discussed it with him. Can you help me? Ed Duda

Walter Duda Walter Duda
Walter Duda
Walter Duda

I am an American historian based in New York and I'm interested in hearing from anyone who knows something about Hermann Field, an American who was abducted and imprisoned in Poland in 1949 on charges that he was part of a conspiracy to undermine Communism in the east. This conspiracy was said (quite absurdly) to have been initiated by Hermann's brother Noel Field, an American who was charged by Hungarian and Soviet intelligence to be the mastermind of this CIA/Western imperialist plot. In 1949 Noel Field was imprisoned in Hungary, as was his wife Herta. This "Fieldist conspiracy" was also said to involve Erica Glaser Wallach, Noel Field's foster daughter, a German national, who wound up in the gulag. The completely fabricated "Fieldist conspiracy" was used as a pretext for the show trials of Laszlo Rajk in Hungary and Rudolf Slansky in Czechoslovakia. Hermann Field was released from jail in Poland in 1954 after Stalin's death and the defection of Joseph Swialto (who then publicly revealed that the Fields were still alive). Hermann Field's cellmate was Stanislaw Mierzenski, with whom Hermann Field co-authored several novels. For a comprehensive, fresh book I am writing on the Field case, I would be grateful for any information that would shed light on the story. Please contact


Thank you for the information on Polish Underground Soldiers. It helps in understanding the importance of their role in the war. I am trying to find information on my uncle who was reported to be a member of the Polish Underground Army. I do not know his first name, but his last name was Kawalec. His name may have been Henryk; his sons were Henryk and Zdislaw and his daughters Zofia and Wanda. He was married to Antonina Surdel (my Father's sister.) She was born in Mielec. (Skawienski/Strycharz were other family names). He and Antonina had 4 children. After the birth of their 4th child, she was taken prisoner and was held in Vittel, France with her newborn. She was liberated, but her husband was supposedly killed when one of the guns on a caisson or tank went off by accident after going over rocky terrain while the unit was on the move. The last address I have for his family was Trzebnica 55-100, Wolnosci 65/6, Wroclaw, Poland. Antonina died in 1989 at age 86. She was buried in Trzebnicia. I would love to connect with family members and learn more about their family and his service in the war. If anyone has any information, please contact Lois Keenan in USA at Thank you again for remembering our loved ones who so unselfishly served to protect their families and their country. Lois Keenan
• Looking for some information about the death of Lieutenant Stanislaw Skwark, oficer of NSZ Stopnica, killed in 1943 near Staszow by comunist agents. Jarek S.




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