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"We ought to remind about them, at least before God and history."



Augustow Roundup in the Top-Secret NKVD Reports

August 21, 1945 Report from Abakumov to Beria

August 24, 1945 Report from Ababkumov to Beria

Augustow Roundup in Polish Press

"Grom's" File found at the KGB Archives in Lubyanka

In Moscow's Service

Russia Refuses Help In the Roundup Investigation

"Operations of Communist Agent Provocateur (AP) Units Against Democratic Resistance In Poland" by Dr. Maciej Korkuć, PhD, Institute of National Remembrance (IPN), Krakow, Poland

For political expediency reasons, the historiography of the communist period had almost entirely ignored the pivotal role played by its Agent Provocateur (AP) Units. These Top-Secret operations played a decisive role in shaping the negative image of the Democratic Resistance and its armed struggle against the communist takeover of Poland after World War II. This subject was considered embarrassing and incompatible with the publicly proclaimed representations of this period. Hence, these operations remained veiled in strict secrecy, not only from the “enemy” itself, but also from their own rank-and-file. NEW!

Communist Agent Provocateur [Oddziały Pozorowane] Operations - Part 1

Communist Agent Provocateur [Oddziały Pozorowane] Operations - Part 2

Communist Agent Provocateur [Oddziały Pozorowane] Operations - Part 3

Assaults on Communist Prisons & Detention Centers: Operations for releasing political prisoners from prisons, concentration camps and UBP (Pol. Urząd Bezpieczeństwa Publicznego, Eng. Office of Public Security, secret police) and NKVD [The Peoples Commissariat for Internal Affairs (Народный комиссариат внутренних дел, Narodnyy Komissariat Vnutrennikh Del), abbreviated NKVD (НКВД)] institutions" by Dr. Kazimierz Krajewski, PhD.

The purpose of this report is to make an attempt at evaluating the operations undertaken by the Polish Underground during the Soviet occupation, involving releasing political prisoners, namely from prisons, concentration camps and UBP detention facilities. While surely non-exhaustive, the provided examples should, nonetheless, help the reader to visualize the scale and types of some of the most spectacular spectacular operations carried out by the Polish Underground.

Armed operations to release political prisoners in Poland, Part 1

Armed operations to release political prisoners in Poland, Part 2

Armed operations to release political prisoners in Poland, Part 3

NSA (National Security Agency) "Eavesdropping On Hell", by Robert J. Hanyok, Historical Guide to Western Communications Intelligence and the Holocaust, 1939-1945

Surely, the grimmest part of the Second World War was the Holocaust (or Shoah). This entailed the systematic and wholesale destruction of European Jewry and other groups such as Slavs, Poles, and Romany (Gypsies), among others, which the Nazis had deemed “inferior” and then slated for destruction because of race, blood, or disability.

- Introduction

- Preface, Terminology, Acknowledgments

- Chapter 1: Background - The Context of European and Nazi Anti-Semitism, Previous Histories and Articles

- Chapter 2: Overview of the Western Communications Intelligence System during World War II

- Chapter 2, Step 1: Setting the Requirements, Priorities, and the Division of Effort

- Chapter 2, Step 2: Intercepting the Messages

- Chapter 2, Step 3: Processing the Intercept

- Chapter 2, Step 4: Disseminating the COMINT

- From Intercept to Decryption – the Story of One German Police Message

- Chapter 3: Sources of Cryptologic Records Relating to the Holocaust

- Chapter 4: Selected Topics of the Holocaust

- Chapter 5: Some Observations about Western Communications Intelligence and the Holocaust

- Appendix 1: Selected Allied Monitoring Stations (MS) and Designators (USA=United States Army, USN= United States Navy)

- Appendix 2 Annotated Sample of Diplomatic Translation and German Police Decrypt

- Appendix 3 Attached Documents

- Bibliography

- Glossary of Terms, Abbreviations, and Acronyms

- Index

"The KGB Poisons" by Anna Zacheter

The Russian secret service is using various poisons to get rid of inconvenient people, just like during the Soviet times, with the exception that Putin's people have more refined means at their disposal than the assassins of the day sent by Stalin, Khrushchev or Brezhnev. This happens to journalists in broad daylight, so that there is no doubt that anyone can get away scot-free with writing the truth about the atrocities of the Chechen War, or about any score-settling between the people in power.

"The Holy-Cross Brigade" by Anna Zacheter

Hunted after the war by Soviet agents, even in France, where a lot of them settled, they started leaving across the Atlantic. Deprived of honor by Communist propaganda in the new People’s Republic of Poland, they were turned into "German collaborators" and were finding out about new convictions against their old companions-in-arms from the NSZ. They knew that there wouldn't be a place for them in their homeland, other than a grave - the last soldiers, doomed soldiers by the Communist conspirators and their ideological successors, still ruling Poland today. There are words written down in the book of the Brigade: "For years we have been walking under the veil of night, as doomed soldiers". Their walk is not over yet...













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