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Polish Presidential Plane Crash In Russia - Retired CIA Officers Speaks Out!

Latest News: Retired Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Scientific Intelligence Officer, S. Eugene (Gene) Poteat, speaks Out About the Crash of Polish TU-154 Plane Carrying President Lech Kaczynski Near Smolensk, Russia: "Russian Image Management - The KGB’s latest intelligence coup, and NATO’s latest intelligence disaster"

Read here about Polish President's death here ...

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“They Threw Us All To the Curb”

An interview with Lieutenant Artur Wosztyl, Flight Captain on the YAK-40 whose landing preceded the mysterious crash of Flight PLF101 that killed Poland's president Lech Kaczynski, and 95 others on April 10, 2010.

Flight Captain, Lt. Artur Wosztyl, member of the 36th Special Aviation Transportation Regiment, SPLT [Pol. 36 Specjalny Pułk Lotnictwa Transportowego] along with Ewa Blasik, the wife of the late Commander and Chief of Polish Air Force, Lt. Gen. Andrzej Blasik testifying before the Antoni Macierewicz’s Parliamentary Commission investigating the causes of the April 10, 2010 crash of Polish Air Force One, Tupolev, TU-154, that crashed under mysterious circumstances near Smolensk, Russia.

Left: Flight Captain, Lt. Artur Wosztyl, member of the 36th Special Aviation Transportation Regiment, SPLT [Pol. 36 Specjalny Pułk Lotnictwa Transportowego] along with Ewa Błasik, the wife of the late Commander and Chief of the Polish Air Force, Lt. Gen. Andrzej Błasik testifying before the Antoni Macierewicz Parliamentary Commission investigating the causes of the April 10, 2010 crash of Polish Air Force One, the Tupolev TU-154, that crashed near Smolensk, Russia under mysterious circumstances.

Q: The “Gazeta Polska” article entitled “The family doesn’t believe in suicide” revealed the content of depositions given by key witnesses in the investigation of the mysterious “suicide” death of your colleague, [ensign Remigiusz Muś] and the investigation that ensued.  The family of Remigiusz Muś complained about the behavior of our government and its military institutions.  How do you interpret their statements?

A: After the [April 10, 2010] crash [of the Polish Air Force One Tu-154M, near Smolensk, Russia] we [the pilots] were simply left abandoned.  We neither received support from the military, nor from our national institutions. We were not given any counseling.  We were not given an opportunity to continue serving [our Nation] as members of its military, but rather, we were forced to leave.  At the same time, not only were we thrown out on the street, and became like piranhas, but we were forbidden to make any statements about the crash [of Flight PLF 101] to the media – hence, becoming its proverbial prey; not to mention, that General Majewski accused us of breaking the law.

Q: Did this event mark the beginning of what appears to be the vilification of the entire crew of the Yak-40 [that landed in Smolensk on April 10, 2010, shortly before the crash of flight PLF 101]?

A: It was surely strange, because on June 10, 2010, the [the 36th Special Aviation Regiment’s] spokesman, Lt. Col. Robert Kupracz released a statement to the PAP [Pol. Polish Press Agency – Polska Agencja Prasowa], which stated: “The April 10, 2010 landing procedure of the Yak-40 aircraft was the subject of an official inquiry. The Commission ascertained that the weather conditions at the time permitted for the [safe] continuation of the flight [and landing].” Lo and behold, on December 23, 2010, however, general Majewski issued a [contradictory] statement via a facsimile, stating that the crew of Yak-40 was to be reprimanded for some reason.  It was based on alleged, and baseless allegations found in annex 1 to this inquiry, that in no uncertain terms, stated that 9 minutes prior to landing (at 07:06 Warsaw time),  visibility was 2,000 meters, and cloud cover was 150 meters; and that 11 minutes prior [to the Yak-40 landing] the visibility was 1,000 meters, and cloud cover was at 100 meters.  Later, they shoved a document in our faces, demanding that we were all to sign it, stating that we should all “voluntarily” admit to some sort of phony guilt. I told them, that I will never sign such rubbish, because [on April 10, 2010] I approached [the Smolensk airfield] by the book - via NDB for this airfield; the air-traffic controller relayed to us that the “visibility was 1,500 meters”, and not even once, did he say that there were any sort of adverse weather conditions, and similarly, adverse cloud cover. According to this airfield’s permissible NDB landing instructions, the visibility was at 1,500 meters.  Similarly, an NDB+RSL approach at the time was 1,000 meters, with the cloud cover at 100 meters.  From this moment on, they began to inflict (the proverbial) pain on us, because Gen. L. Majewski wanted to very quickly get it all done and over with.  When we refused [to sign this phony admission of “guilt” statement], they began to intimidate all of us.  They told us that we will never be allowed to fly again, that they will revoke our pilots’ licenses, and that they will send us so far - that it will be years and years before this case will ever be solved - and in the end they will simply kick us out of the military.  Since this case was never to be resolved, by order of the [new] Commander and Chief of the [Polish] Air Force, I was precluded from piloting any VIP flights, and was demoted from the rank of Flight Captain, to the rank of Second Pilot.

Q: Did these pressures have an adverse effect on you, and your colleagues?  Did you ever think that [your friend, and YAK-40 crew member] Remigiusz Muś, would commit suicide?

This witch-hunt had undoubtedly affected us all negatively.  I spoke with Remek [Remek is short for Remigiusz in Polish] one week before his death.  I called him because one of the families of the [Flight PLF 101] victims invited the entire YAK-40 crew to take part in a press conference.  While speaking with him, I didn’t notice anything that would indicate that he was under any psychological duress.  [To the contrary], he communicated to me that he was going to start his own business, and that he had a number of appointments with his prospects that he had followed up on. This [slew of “suicides”] is a real mystery to me.

[Translator’s Note:  After the unexplained “suicide” of Ensign Remigiusz Muś, a key witness in the investigation of the crash of Flight PLF101, the Antoni Macierewicz Parliamentary Commission investigating the causes of this crash, requested that Flight Captain Wosztyl be placed in protective custody. Its request was denied by the Polish government.]



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