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Polish Administrative Units Appearing In the Story of Doomed Soldiers - An Overview

Administrative Units In Poland Map.

The UBP (pol. abbr. Urzad Bezpieczenstwa Publicznego – Eng., Ministry of Internal Security, precursor of SB - Polish Communist: government police ministry) was a highly organized operation, borrowing heavily from Soviet instruction and tutelage, with both line and staff relationships. The primary line relationships were based on geographical units, progressively devolving into wojewodztwo (Hybrid Pol-Eng., voivodeship), miasto (Eng., city), powiat (Eng., county, township, town or ward), and gmina (rural municipality, or precinct, though in communist Poland often "commune").

Poland's postwar area is about 312,000 sq km (120,000 sq. mi) with a postwar population of about 24,000,000 or approximated the equivalent size and population of Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina in the US today. Polish Population has since climbed since to 38,000,000 – 8% more than the prewar population. The 17 wojewodztwo, for comparison, are approximately the mean size of a US state in the lower 48 contiguous states, but much more evenly proportioned for area and population.

OKREG - province

REJON - district

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