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Protocol of Execution of Danuta Siedzikowna, nom de guerre "Inka" Polish Home Army Soldier
Above: Protocol of Execution of Danuta Siedzikowna, nom de guerre "Inka" signed by: prosecutor Major Wiktor Suchacki, Firing Squad Leader, 2nd Lt. Franciszek Sawicki, Attending Physician, Captain Mieczyslaw Rutkowski, Jail Warden Jan Wojcik.

“We are trying to learn our tragic history. What happened to the man who shot “Inka” in the head?” asks Prof. Szwagrzyk

Published: August 25, 2016

Today, we are trying to find out our tragic history, and explore the places where our heroic victims of the communist system were buried. We have this unique opportunity to give them a respectful burial they deserved, but never received,” Prof. Krzysztof Szwagrzyk told TV Trwam and Radio Maryja in the program “Rozmowy Niedokończone” (Unfinished Conversations). Prof. Szwagrzyk who serves as Deputy President of the Polish Institute of National Remembrance (“IPN”) and Dr. Jarosław Szarek referred to the state burials of Danuta Siedzikówna and Feliks Selmanowicz, codenamed “Inka” and “Zagończyk,” which are to be carried out on August 28, 2016.

Danuta Siedzikowna "Inka" Murdered member of the Polish Anticommunist Armed Resistance.  

Prof. Szwagrzyk emphasized that discovering the remains of Danuta Siedzikówna, aka “Inka,” had a deep meaning to those involved in the search. “For us, the involvement in the search for Danuta Siedzikówna’s remains was something truly exceptional. We were deeply devoted to the cause since several years ago, when searching “Łączka,” we discovered the remains of such heroes as Major Zygmunt Szendzielarz, aka “Łupaszko,” who was “Inka’s” direct commander.”

The Deputy President of IPN pointed out that for years communists tried to portray “Inka” and “Zagończyk” negatively, and concealed their burial location. “These people were subjected to the ultimate punishment of death, and accused of criminal acts they did not commit.

For decades, the Polish public has been persuaded that our heroes were bandits (communists’ favorite expression), and no effort was spared to conceal the location of their bodies,” Szwagrzyk said.

The historian emphasized that Danuta Siedzikówna, Feliks Selmanowicz and other heroes who sacrificed their lives to serve their Homeland, are role models, who treasured values such as patriotism and faith. “Our heroes remained unwavering whether in prisons or at the execution site. Their last words proved their greatness, as they spoke about Poland, patriotism, religion and family. Many prisoners reported how people driven by criminal motives often broke down when facing execution, and acted cowardly and shamefully. Those who died aware that they fought for the right cause, acted differently. They remained dignified and honourable,” Prof. Szwagrzyk said.

Prof. Szwagrzyk pointed out that the perpetrators of these crimes have never been punished, despite their names being commonly known. “There was even an attempt to bury some of these murderous criminals with the highest honours,” added Szwagrzyk.

The discovery of “Inka’s” and “Zagończyk’s” remains in September 2014 was followed by the death of Prosecutor Krzyżanowski in November 2014. He was in charge of the legal proceeding against them. He was to receive an official burial with the Honorary Military Unit of the Polish Army present. Only thanks to the media, which spread this information widely, such disgraceful circumstances were avoided. Prosecutor Krzyżanowski’s situation was not an isolated case.

What happened to the man who shot “Inka” in the head? Her executioner, Sawicki, led a quiet life after he completed his KBW (Polish Internal Security Corps) service in the mid-50s. He even became a director of the Public Transport Service MPK in Wroclaw. We know where he was buried, we know what his grave looks like, and we know that this is yet another example of unbelievable injustice,” concluded Prof. Szwagrzyk.

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